11 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Social Media for Direct Sales

What does MaGyver have to do with social media for direct sales?

MacGyver of social media for direct sales

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SO, it may seem silly and well, it kind of is.  Really though, this post is to show you that you can  truly be a MacGyver when it comes using social media for direct sales.  Social media is an awesome tool to get your direct sales business seen by people that you may not normally be in contact with from all over the globe. It can broaden the reach of your message in huge ways. How cool is it to get an overnight order or even a new recruit from across the country simply because they found you on social media?  So, let’s think like the great mullet bearing guy for a minute. Here are 11 simple to use ways to implement social media into your direct sales business:

  1. Think outside the box- try posting a video of just how cool your product is. I suggest YouTube
  2. Post happy pictures showing how much fun you have in your biz. (got the perfect pic? Post it on all of your platforms)
  3. Oh, here is a big one, travel around each of your platforms and be sure that the profile names and bios match. This makes you easy to find plus builds credibility. 
  4. Make your own cool and memorable graphics that highlight your products. (umm, be sure to check with your company compliance dept before you post)
  5. Show your personality. This is so important. Branding is so much more than colors and a logo, it is a general feeling that people get when they hear from you. 
  6. Reply and serve your customers publicly. If someone asks a question on your page or in an event, answer promptly and in public. This cuts down on your time because more than likely, someone else is wanting to ask the same thing but is scared to ask and more importantly, it once again, helps to build credibility.
  7. Use an email signature stamp or a QR code directing people to your social media and website.
  8. Use an auto-post/scheduling program like hoostuite when you know that you are not going to be able to post. 
  9. Check your best times to post. This will help to ensure that your message is seen by the most people by maximizing your peak times. You can find them by using your page insights on Facebook. 
  10. Be a great listener. Social media is social. Be a friend, build relationships and success will follow. 

 11. BUILD A BLOG! Yep! I find this to be one of the top priorities. Everyone in direct sales should have one.  It is a great way to show that you are a real person, with real views.  Not sure how to start one?  Got a course for that here : Be a Rockstar Blogger

So, now you have some cool ideas on how to truly think like MacGyver, the mullet master of all time and start using social media in your direct sales business in a way that makes you even more awesome! 

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