3 Legal Requirements You Need to Know if Your Business Owns a Warehouse

If you are in the retail business, at some point, you may find yourself needing a warehouse in order to house all of your inventory. However, before you start looking for commercial properties, there are a few things that you should know.


Not only is it important to make sure you have an adequate amount of space to store your products, but you must also take into account how you should store your items in the first place. Aside from illegal items, such as drugs and flammable substances, you can store just about anything from store furniture to cosmetics in a warehouse. When storing your items, make sure you label everything so that it can be properly logged into your system. Also, if you will be housing perishable things, such as cosmetics or food, it is important that these items are dated and stored according to their dates so that the oldest can be used first.


Your warehouse should have some signage that helps promote safety. If there is a spill, it should be cleaned up immediately; however, there should be a sign placed there so that employees will know that the area is still wet. Also, if there are any hazardous materials or other types of dangers, signs that indicate danger or caution are important to have throughout your warehouse wherever they are necessary. Furthermore, as an employer, your employees’ safety is your legal responsibility; therefore, you must also provide them with the proper gear and tools they need in order to perform their job duties in a safe manner.


Not only must your warehouse be kept free of safety hazards, but it must also be free of contaminants as well. Having a warehouse that is infested with rodents, has dirty floors or unmaintained employee areas is considered a health hazard and is a definite no-no. Part of maintaining a safe work environment is keeping that environment in a sanitary condition.
With respect to your employees, the requirements for operating a warehouse is not that much different from how you would operate any other business. Whatever job duties your employees have, it is important that they are provided with the proper tools and an environment that allows them to perform that job safely. And, when it comes to keeping your inventory safe, by labeling and dating each item prior to storing it, you can help to minimize your losses and keep track of your products with ease.
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