I’m Christine

I’m so happy that you are here.
I’ve been a solopreneur with over 12 years of experience in branding and web design. As a mother of 6, and as I am getting older, I felt that I needed a spot to write to you in a way that is real, unfiltered, and fun.

Where to find me:
When I’m not sitting at the computer, you can find me at church on Sunday, shopping, cooking, or outdoors with my 2 amazing pups.

Make yourself at home.




It’s not always as easy as we thought. I share ups and downs and how I pushed through them.


I will never deny my love for Jesus. I share what I learn and how I apply my Faith in business and in home-life.


With years of experience, I share my most commonly asked questions ( with answers, of course ) and give tips on making your brand stand out.

How about A favorite things list…

Days off…

With the pups

Song on repeat….


Current Obssesion….

Farmhouse decor

What motivates me…

Music & Prayer

Favorite Book…

The Bible

What I wear 99% of the time…

Ripped jeans and a Tshirt

Mother of ..

Six amazing kids

Fave Food..

Anything with Red Sauce

What makes me smile..

A few of my recent, fave things