Challenges Most Businesses Face When Getting Started

Starting up a new business is pretty darn exciting, but it does come with some challenges. You may not have experience in all aspects of business management, but educating yourself about the details of operating your business is the key. The more you know, the better you will be able to handle any problems that come up.

Retaining Employees

Once you find the right employees, it can be a challenge to keep them on, but there are some effective strategies you can use. Most importantly, SmallBizTrends recommends you make sure your employees feel valued and appreciated. Keep the channels of communication open by asking questions and inviting feedback. Employees, both full and part-time, also expect competitive compensation and benefits, but that’s not all. Flexible scheduling or work-from-home opportunities are also desirable. Finally, think about offering employees opportunities for growth or advancement.


Whether you’re launching a business from scratch or growing an individual enterprise into something much larger, you’ll need an influx of cash to pay for initial expenses. You may consider using personal funds. Some people have enough savings to invest in their business or can sell assets to raise money. Many entrepreneurs look into getting a small business loan from a bank or other lender. This will add to your monthly operating expenses, as you will have to pay installments. Another option, if you are already employed, is to use your 401(k) funds. According to Franchise Gator, you can use up to $50,000 of 401(k) funds to finance your business. Check with your financial advisor for details.


Most business owners are experts at their product or service, but may not have had much experience in marketing. Yet, reaching your target market is essential for success. The good news is, marketing in the digital age is much easier than it used to be. Most of your customers will look for you online and on social media, so you will need a website and social media accounts. According to Fundera, regular posts with visuals are ideal. If you are too busy to make posts, you can designate an employee to do it or outsource the task.

As you gain experience, you will continue to refine your strategies in operating your business. No doubt you will face other challenges as time goes on, but preparation and knowledge are always the way forward. The challenges of starting up a new business shouldn’t keep you from following your dream.

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