Dealing With Social Media Burn-Out

Coping with social media burnout
Every once in a while, I begin to feel my inner fire dim. My social media posts become slightly robotic and there is simply a lack of oomph.
Does this happen to you as well? It is normal if it does, you know. This is a time to step back and regroup. Why has the passion left your business? Are you burning out? Are other matters concerning you that need attention? Maybe, you are simply lost and crave more learning.
How can you get sparked up again? Write this stuff down. Take a little time off and make notes on your current feelings and make a plan to rekindle. Brick and mortar businesses give days off and this is one of the reasons. We cannot expect ourselves to be accessible day in and day out and not get a little feeling of monotony.
When I start to feel like this, I take a break or a day off. Reorganizing the work-space helps too. Move some things around, change colors, and organize. These things may change your perspective a bit.
Try taking a day off. Go enjoy life. You may have started using the tools that enable you to auto-publish your social media statuses. let them work for you for the day.
What are some ways that you keep your fire burning? Comment here or on Facebook.

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