Five Ways to Engage Your Twitter Followers

Five Ways to Engage Your Twitter Followers
[tweet_quote]One of the fabulous things about Twitter is that it’s quick social media that gets huge results. Everyone is on Twitter, especially businesses.[/tweet_quote] Not to mention businesses, but even the press is on Twitter. You never know when what you say on Twitter will be seen by someone important enough that when they share your tweet you end up with massive traffic and attention. Keep that in mind was you go through the five ways to engage your Twitter followers.

  1. Headlines Matter — If you choose awesome headlines, you never know when what you say will become viral. It can be hard to be succinct at times, but with the character limits imposed with Twitter you’re forced to be short winded. You have just a few characters to get someone to click and then share your Tweet. So, choose your words very carefully! Consider if what you are writing makes sense to your followers, and if it gives them information they want to know.
  2. Use Apps — There are a variety of apps that can help you use Twitter more efficiently such as URL shorteners. It’s a fabulous way to send links to your content without taking up too much space for the eye catching headlines that you will create for all your content. If you use WordPress there are also plugins that will help you automatically shorten your URLs. By shortening URLs you give yourself more space for the headlines plus since a lot of it is automated you’ll be able to share links faster with your followers.
  3. Have Fun — Create fun polls using a website like Your poll will automatically be shared with your followers, and when they answer it’s shared with their followers via an option to re-tweet the poll. Try it, and you might be surprised at the conversation you get started and the traffic you generate.
  4. Create Coupons — Want to see how many of your Twitter followers will come to your store when you send out a coupon? Try sending out a coupon right before dinner if you’re a restaurant and see what happens. You can easily do it on Even if you’re not a restaurant, try sending out a tweet with a coupon and see what the response is.
  5. Create a Contest — You can use OneKontest to create fun contests using a #hashtag to have fun with your followers. People love having contests and getting discounts and free stuff. You can use #hashtags, photos, trivia and even feedback to have a great contest. It’s not hard to do and no special coding is needed to quickly create a fun contest.

I absolutely love this article about hashtags! Check it out, it explains it really well.
By incorporating these engaging and fun ways to use Twitter into your marketing campaigns you’ll not only have fun, but you’ll entice more clients to your door. After all, the entire point of marketing is to get people in the door who are willing to spend their money at your store or on your services.[tweet_quote] Twitter is set up exceptionally well for local businesses to use to their utmost advantage for a super return on investment.[/tweet_quote]
Also, keep in mind that Twitter is also very social and a place to not be a jerk. Be polite, retweet tweets that you find value in, respond to others and be sure to check your direct messages and send replies. Don’t be a bot.
I personally, love Twitter and would be happy to help you if you are having trouble figuring it out.

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