13 Facebook Terms That Every Marketer Should Know

Facebook Terms
Facebook Terms

Facebook has its own language and learning the lingo can help you navigate more easily around the whole site and determine the best calls to action when engaging fans and promoting your Facebook Page.

Here are 13  Facebook terms every  user and/or marketer should know, along with strategies for using some of them in your online business and social media marketing:.

#1 Like
The like function can be used for many platforms, including personal profiles, Facebook Pages, and personal websites or blogs. When users click the like button it means they like the message behind the content they are engaging with. When followers click the like button on your Facebook Page, website or other social media outlet, their like becomes a status update which is visible to all of their friends. This can create a viral effect when their friends see what you posted and like it too.
#2 Status Updates
Just as with likes, status updates can be viewed by all of a unique user’s friends. A status update can be different forms of content, including text, video, photos, music, or links to other websites. People typically post status updates to share their interests or information on Facebook. Using Facebook Pages in your business is a great way to have multiple status updates created by users who are interacting with your Fan Page.
#3 Fan Page
Fan Pages allow individuals to create pages within Facebook about brands, causes, people, or businesses. Each Facebook Page is separate from, but must be associated with, a personal profile. Your friends on Facebook will only see whether you like a Page. They need to like the Page as well in order to see its updates.
#4 Fan
A fan is simply someone who likes a Fan Page. Fan Pages are created with the interests of their fans in mind. When someone likes a page, their friends become aware via their status update and may choose to become fans of the same page.
#5 Friend
Friends are the people you keep in touch with on your personal profile on Facebook. Their status updates are what create your news feed on Facebook.
#6 News Feed
The news feed is the hub of activity for most users on Facebook. People read their news feeds to see what’s happening in their friends’ lives. Feeds are made up of individual status updates and any comments on those updates. You can post any sales or special events you might be having in your news feed.
#7 Event
An event is a notice or invitation about a live or web-based event that users create to share with their friends on Facebook. You can create events about any special promotions or contests you are having on you Facebook Page.
#8 Apps
Apps are software that expand the functionality of Facebook and enhance the user’s experience. Games are a popular example of apps on Facebook. Facebook apps are available for Fan Pages as well. Shopping cart apps are ideal for vendors who want to sell products on their Page.
#9 Photo Strips
Photo Strips appear on the top portion of personal profiles and Facebook Pages. When someone uploads multiple photos to their profiles it creates a strip that features each photo. Photo strips can be used to highlight products and calls to action on Fan Pages as well.
#10 Tagging
Tagging is used to note someone in a photo. When someone is tagged, it appears as a status update in the tagger’s news feed and the news feed of the subject or person who was tagged.
#11 Poke
Poking is a friendly way of saying hello to your friends on Facebook. When you poke someone it appears in your news feed and the news feed of the person you poked.
#12 Ticker
The ticker allows you to keep up with your friend’s status updates in real time. The most recent status updates can be found on the ticker.
#13 Groups
Groups can be created on Facebook for users who do not want to have a public page. Groups are often created about a common interest or topic. Prior to Pages, groups were more frequently used by businesses that wanted to create a community around their brand on Facebook.
Facebook has its own language that is not so difficult to understand once you become familiar with it. By looking at how other people and businesses use Facebook, you can get some great ideas about how you can use it yourself to promote and build your business.

facbook terms
facbook terms

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