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Happy Large Family
Do you include your family in your at-home business?  They can be your biggest fans and support  system. 
Ever spend a full day at the computer, working your biz and your spouse looks at you and asks what you had done all day? I have.  I have figured out that my family is my main priority so my new mission is to include them in my business.
Little Things Mean A Lot
Here are some easy ways to involve your fam in your office:

  • Discuss and include them in your goal setting.  This can not only solidify your goals but give you a better idea on the family’s needs.
  •  Delegate some tasks: If you have teens or older kids, let them do a little work with you. There are a few things that they can help you with to allow you some more time to spend with them. IE: Have a family member update some social media or maybe even do a guest blog spot.  To me, this is far more personal than hiring someone that you don’t know and your clients will surely love being connected with your loved ones too.
  •  Set a family business meeting time to sit and talk about upcoming parties that you have, tasks that they can help with, etc. This will make things more clear and avoid any confusion PLUS, keep you more on track because you are openly discussing your goals.
  • Reap the benefits together!  After a great week or month, why not celebrate together, as a TEAM?

There are so many other ways that this can be not only successful but fun as well.
What are some other ways that this can work? Got  tips? Let’s talk about them here. Comment  below :

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