A Fun Way to Brand Your Pinterest Boards

Make your Pinterest boards stand out and look beautifully branded by using Picmonkey.
branding your Pinterest boards
I think I may have just a touch of OCD when I realized that I had made cute little frames to start using on my Pinterest pins. They turned out cute though. hee hee.
To make them, I used picmonkey and started with a transparent background in the dimensions of 236 x 428, chose a pattern as an overlay on the top and bottom in the size that I thought looked good, then made a little rectangle or circle on both top and bottom to allow me to add text. I then saved them as a template and can now use the edit function to add any image that I want to pin and add a description for that pin or whatever in the rectangles.
Here is a quick video tut to show ya how I did it. Have fun! Come back and show me what you made in comments too!

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