Are You a Likes Hoarder?

Some Facebook marketing tips for you:
Ok, they hit that “like” button. Now what? Is that person just added to your egotistical collection of fans? What does a like mean and what’s it worth to you?
A simple gesture of “liking” your Facebook  fanpage is actually an invitation to learn more. This person has now shown an interest in what you have to offer, right? How often do you follow up with that new fan? Try personally responding to them and start a relationship rolling. A WHAT, relationship? Yes!  See, we tend to forget that social media is social.
Ya know, I have honestly heard some consultant say that they do not opt to start a fan page because they feel it is not necessary. Well, it really is not if you are not utilizing it in the correct way. If you are not using it as a tool to build relationships, honey, you are just spinning wheels and boosting your ego.
A page “like” is very similar to someone opting in to say, your newsletter.
Do yourself a favor. Before you push for NEW likes, polish the ones that you have now. Strike conversations, get to know your current fans. Who are they? Where are they from? What are their hobbies, etc..
You will be super amazed at what you find.
So, here is what I want ya to do:

  1. Go to your fanpage and then insights
  2. Now, click on your tab that says “People” and take a peek at who loves you.
  3. Study your fans a bit and get to know who it is that you are talking to. 🙂
  4.  Then, come back and tell me what ya got.

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