Making a Cool Instagram Grid

I was feeling super creative today so I started a fun project and wanted to share. I am a huge fan and user on Instagram. It is a great way to show creativity and to meet new people and potential clients.
creating a cool Instagram grid
If you use Instagram for your business, you have probably seen how people are creating super neat grids on their feeds. Right? And you look at them and think “Hey-that is so cool! I wonder how they did that?” I did so I thought that I would figure out a pretty easy way to do it and share with ya.

  • First what I did was I created one big collage. I use Photoshop so I made a really large square. (mine was like 2400 x 2400 px)
  • I laid out images that I wanted to show on the collage.
  • After I got them all in place, I decorated a bit with text and other little elements.

Here is what it looked like before I divided it up. 



  • When I was happy with the overall look of the collage, I found a cool tool called Image splitter. It’s easy to use and FREE.
  • I selected 2 rows and 2 columns and then clicked “split image” and was then given a download of multiple images. (keep an eye on the order though)
  • I headed over to my go-to scheduling app for Instagram. I use Planoly  to plan them in a sequence.

So now, over the next few days, my Instagram feed will begin to fill up with these one by one to create one big and cool looking grid or collage. Give it a try. It is not as difficult as it looks.
I would love to see yours when it’s done so be sure to comment with your Instagram link so I can follow you. If you have another way to do this, tell us about it too.
Oh, and here is mine in case you wanna keep an eye on how this will all play out.
My IG 

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