Productivity in business-Get More Done- 1 Window at a time

How to get more done by living one window at a time:
How many of you are stressed and just cannot find enough time in the day to do what you wanna do?
Productivity in business is not always easy to handle when you are given the liberty of running yourself.
So, I am not gonna lie. I am probably one of the biggest time wasters in history. Really. I honestly have to seriously control myself and set firm boundaries and guidelines for myself. I am notorious for spending hours on the computer but not getting a damned thing done. Sound like you too?
How many times have you sat on the computer especially on Facebook and repeatedly hit F5 (refresh)?  [tweet_quote]Repeatedly refreshing your computer screen is like watching water boil on the stove. [/tweet_quote]
See, to me that meant that my business was running me. I was not in control. I suppose that identifying the issue was a huge step. Let me share a few things that are helping me increase productivity in my business and  to live one window at a time.

  • I now only allow myself to have 1 window open on my computer. This way, I can concentrate on that one task and then will be allowed to close it and begin the next
  • I keep a FIRM To-Do list (yes, it was so bad that I had to install one on my iPhone as well as use my Filofax.
  • I installed a desktop timer like this one
  • Making appointments with yourself can also help. Now, I have limited certain tasks to designated days of the week. (EX: graphic designs are now all completed on Wednesdays.)
  • Learn to say “NO” or at least schedule things that need to be done on the appropriate day. No more drop of the hat.
  • Stop sweating the small stuff.
  • Schedule social media posts ahead of time. I use Hootsuite. It is free too.
  • Let go of things that do not serve you. For example, unsubscribing to some email lists that just are not working for you can save a ton of time.
  • This one is HUMONGOUS!  SET WORK HOURS! it is a business, treat it as such
  • Out-source stuff. We cannot, I repeat cannot do everything on our own, even if we think we can.
  • Plan your meals, especially if you have a family. Plus, use that crock-pot. Man, I adore mine!
  • Employ your family members. Kids love to be involved so let them. They are great stamp lickers 🙂

This article was extremely helpful to me. Check it out;
I also found these cool Mac apps.
..and for the PC:
These are just a few things that have helped me. I would love to hear what helps you too. Comment below and let’s help each other.

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