Social Media Snowball

Social media is a huge world. It is very easy to get lost. Sure, you start with one platform like Facebook and add another, then another, and one more and suddenly you are completely overwhelmed. You find yourself spending most waking hours updating and posting but it is not paying off. Why? Well, when we start to learn how it all works it is extremely tempting to try to dominate the social media world by being seen everywhere. Now, is this a good or bad thing? It can be either, depending on how much time and effort that you want to put into it.
Here is the thing.. do what you are comfortable with. Slow it down if you must. It is, in my opinion, much more effective to put your best into maybe one or two platforms that you are comfortable with and add on as you go. You may have signed up for ten sites but can only handle updating two right now. It is OK. The key here is this is YOUR business. Do it YOUR way. That is why you started working for yourself, right? For real, there are hundreds, I mean hundreds of people that teach social media and expect you to follow their exact model. Don’t feel like you have to. Your social media is YOUR real estate and you should treat it as your property just as you would a physical storefront. You may want to ask the reasoning behind a suggestion so that you actually know why this works. Don;t just be a robot.
You will keep a much better image if you perfect what you can handle at the time.
Now, did you know that you can manage things a little easier? There are many programs and sites that can help you by allowing you to schedule your social media posts ahead of time. I love one called Hootsuite. You can even use a feature on your Facebook fanpage to schedule a post for later in the day. This is handy but be sure that if you are going to schedule a post that asks a question that you will be there to interact with your fans. If I know that I will be absent, I may post a more vague photo or statement, quote, etc.t
Make yourself a schedule too. How much time are you willing to spend each day on running your social media world? Set aside that amount of time and then, get off! Find out what times of day your posts are working the most and try to come back at that time to interact. Like in my day, which I spend far too much time, I in the morning, grab my phone and scan all of my social media outlets for questions and comments. I then get to the PC and schedule my post on them for the day. After that, I get off the computer and handle my house duties. I come back and recheck stuff and look on my day planner for meetings, phone calls to make, etc. Now, I can go about my day with my device (tablet) set to send me notifications in the background. See, I am a social media junkie. Now though, I am seeing which actually work for me and which are more for me to just have fun.  Don’t over-do it is my suggestion. We choose to work at home so that we have time with our families, etc. Set a work schedule and stick to it or you could be in for a snowball.
I hope that this is helpful. Please, make comments and suggestions for others. We are all in this together.

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