What is Social Self Confidence?

Social Self Confidence – The Basics on Becoming Socially Confident and Well-Perceived by Others
Social self-confidence is measured by how much you feel secure, happy, and comfortable in relationships in a social setting. Social self-confidence also refers to the quality of the friendships you have. It is how you perceive your value in social situations. If you would like to optimize your social confidence and be well-perceived by others, here are some tips to assist you. You will learn the secrets to winning over people, and in the process increase your social self-confidence.
Become Interested in Others and They Will Become Interested in You

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The first step to increasing your social self-confidence is to develop a genuine interest in others. People don’t care to learn how much you know or who you are, until they know and understand that you care about them. Many socially inept individuals have one thing in common; they feel a need to constantly talk about themselves. You will do much better in social situations by letting others know you care about them as individuals. Do so and you will quickly discover that people will be passionate about you. And once you feel valued, your social self-confidence will quickly increase.
Smile Often
To grow your social self confidence, it is imperative that you increase other’s confidence in you. One of the best ways to do this is to smile often. The smile is a unique symbol that sends the highest positive message possible. Smiling and keeping eye contact not only makes others feel valued and happy, but it also makes YOU feel happy. When the muscles that assist us in smiling contract, the brain receives positive feedback, and that sends us a feeling of joy. When we see others smile, we also experience this positive feedback. That positive feedback actually changes the brain in a positive way and in turn, our confidence increases.
A Name is Music to the Ears
Another thing you must know is how important a person’s name is, it’s like music to our ears. In fact, many people feel that hearing their name is one of the sweetest sounds they ever hear. When you are in social situations, it is crucial to learn the names of the individuals you interact with and use them often. People will be instantly drawn to you. And that in turn will increase your social confidence levels dramatically.
Encourage People to Talk about Their Favorite Subject – Themselves
The next way to optimize your social self-confidence is to encourage others to talk about their favorite subject – themselves. By taking an interest by asking questions and encouraging them to talk, you are appealing to their sense of self and making them feel extremely valued. You will find people are drawn to you and seek out interaction with you. Naturally, when you find you are accumulating more friendships and developing various types of relationships, your confidence level is improved.
As you can tell by the steps above, it is important to start focusing on others and developing a passion for people in order to build your own social self-confidence. If you follow these steps, you are sure to build a high level of self-confidence when it comes to your social interactions.

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