The Designer’s Struggle

So, if you know me and/or have been following my site and business for a while, you must have noticed the trillions of changes with the overall look, heck- even the name. I kept changing things to try to make them feel right. It just wasn’t happening. I really couldn’t figure it out.  Sure, it was always pretty but still wasn’t “the ONE”. Being a designer and a stubborn one at that, I was on a mission. Every change seemed to feel like I had finally found it but a day or so later, I was changing it once again.
After chatting with a few fellow branding designers, the reasons were so clear that they should have bonked me on the head. For one, I was looking around the internet and because I know how to do stuff, I would see something and get a great idea of how nice it would look on my website. But, the biggest thing was – I never treated myself as a client. Aha! That was brought to my attention when I finally admitted that because I knew that I could design a great, authentic brand for someone else, for me, it was a huge struggle. Well, wanna know why? I figured that since I knew who I was, I could skip the important steps. That was when I decided to (in between client projects) go through all of the questionnaires, exercises and everything else that I have my branding clients do.

  • First, was Pinterest. I started a board and began pinning things that I really related to. Things that resonated with me and that I thought that my ideal client would like.
  • I filled out the branding questionnaire
  • I did an exercise to discover and clarify my ideal client
  • I created a mood board
  • I drafted 6 logo concepts – chose the best one
  • designed my sub-logo
  • created a style guide with my chosen fonts and colors, as well as textures and other elements
  • examined all of the above and really thought about my content and picked a layout that showcased it best.
  • Voila! Now, it is all done and done with INTENTION. (yep, that was the kicker.)

Now, I can honestly say that it is exactly what I wanted all along. All that I needed to do was well, follow my own rules. Take a look.

THE MOODBOARDchristine capone mood board

THE BRANDINGcaponebranding


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  1. I just came across your site and I have already learned so much. I am starting a branding consulting agency and I will definitely be using some of these tips to design my final brand concept! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Be on the lookout for me too! Project 119 coming soon 🙂

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