Tips For Using Twitter For Your Business

Why I Love Twitter
I have been spending a ton of time over on Twitter these days. At first, I was a little afraid of it but it didn’t take long to fall in love with the bird. I have compiled some tips to help you get the most out of using it for your biz.
Twitter has over 140 million active users, that’s a lot of people at your fingertips. Your local small business doesn’t need to follow or be followed by all 140 million active users to be highly effective. In fact, it’s better to have fewer followers that are highly targeted than to have a bunch of followers who have no intentions of ever coming to your business or buying from you. So, to get free publicity on Twitter, follow these steps.
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I love Twitter
1. Set up your profile properly — To have an effective profile create a great bio and use an awesome headshot. People want to do business with those they feel like they can trust, and if they can’t see your face, they don’t think they can trust you. As always, be yourself.  Use your personality.   Also create a custom designed background and upload a custom header that establishes your brand. Don’t reinvent the wheel, if you already have a logo and special colors and look and feel keep to that, though you may need to get the sizes adjusted to work with Twitter.
2. Follow the right people — You want to follow people who are in your target market, movers and shakers within your target audience, certain businesses, and people who sell complementary services and products. Twitter used for marketing is no different from other channels of marketing, your target market still matters to be extra effective. Don’t just follow who you expect to buy from you. Make friends. We are networking and making new connections. You may be surprised at the cool people that will follow you just because you are YOU.
3. Interact with your followers — Always make sure that you avoid too much automation so that you interact with your audience. Re-tweet things that they share, answer questions, have a contest, conduct a poll. Keep yourself in their minds without over selling anything and by having fun. Twitter is social media. Be social. Many of you have your settings to post directly from your Facebook wall to Twitter which is cool and all but don’t just be a robot. Get in there and add some other stuff like quotes and friendly posts just for your Twitter peeps.
4. Tweet pictures — Throughout the day if you Tweet pictures of events, promotions, winners, and customers (with permission) people will feel connected to you and want to participate. People love pictures, and there are apps to make it easier for you to Tweet pictures and currently you can tweet a pic right from your status without any new apps.
5. Promote your Twitter — Your Twitter name should be on your business cards, letterhead, websites, other social media and blog posts. You want to give people every opportunity to know about your Twitter so that they can follow you. The more followers you have that are relevant, the more effective your Twitter marketing will be.
6. Share sneak peeks — Get the buzz going by sharing sneak peeks on Twitter of upcoming projects, sales, and information. People love to feel “in the know” and you can do that along the way of any upcoming announcement, sale, or special event. building up excitement until the “big day” is always a great way to use Twitter.
7. Offer discounts — Giving Twitter followers special discounts is a great way to get the buzz going too. especially if it’s extra good, and announced across all your social media, advertising , and marketing channels. Giving 50% off to Twitter followers via special code will get you more followers and more customers.
Oh, and are we following each other? 🙂

Your Turn.  How does Twitter help your business?  Comment below:

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