What Motivates You?

What motivates and drives you?
Many ask how I do all that I do. My biggest inspiration is music, played loudly. It motivates me and seems to turn my soul inside out at times. Headphones are an amazing way to transport yourself to another place. Some read books, watch movies, or create beautiful things  but I prefer to jam to some tunes. Not to mention, it is a great way to tune out the children arguing over petty things. I guess that is why I was a dancer for so many years. Funny, I still bust some moves in my office chair.
The reason that I mention this is, I wanted to share what works for me to motivate and focus. We are all designed differently and I often wonder what drives others. If you have a team, do you ask these things?  
Knowing what really moves a person’s soul forward is awesome knowledge to have and could push your business to the next level. Imagine knowing that one of the ladies or gents on your team was an artist. How cool would it be to surprise them with a new set of pencils or a sketch pad? Getting to truly KNOW your group is true leadership.
Thinking of this, tonight made me really think about how little I know my own team. Time to make some changes.
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So, let’s hear it. What motivates and drives you? 

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