Work That Plan, Woman!!

I see a problem and it is time to FIX IT! 
I was feeling quite scatterbrained and as if I was getting nothing much accomplished. There have been days that I could not remember that very important task that just HAD to be completed. You have been there?
Well, I thought that I had remedied this by ordering a beautiful day planner. Good start. However, when you open it.. it is pretty much blank. (How can a mom of 6 who runs a business at home have a blank planner??)
It is not doing me a whole lot of good that way. I sat and pondered this mystery and came to the conclusion that it was place outside of my reach at my desk. I would get so wrapped up in the computer that this poor planner has been neglected. This girl even took a class in how to use this beauty and here it sat.
OK, so in all mistakes, the first step is identifying the issue and owning it. I have now moved my planner to an accessible spot and commit to using the heck out of it. To make myself feel better, I am thinking of even posting a picture of the pages once in a while to show my progress.
Today, once again, is a new beginning.

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